Mike Whitby, political heavyweight


News reaches us from the fine old city of Liverpool that Mr Michael Whitby, Coedpoeth North community councillor and Wrexham BNP organiser, and now Liverpool BNP’s branch organiser following a periodical purge of BNP dissidents, got into a spot of bother on Saturday:


“On the BNP side, organiser Mike Whitby strode amongst the protesters with his megaphone, calling everybody a paedophile.  It took the police about 15 minutes to realise that his actions were provocative and decide to arrest him.  He was last seen being dragged up Church Street, still frothing at the mouth, his feet sliding across the wet pavement like he was on skis.  This spectacle wasn’t lost on the public, most of whom could only shake their heads in derision.”


Not untypical behaviour for those of us acquainted with Coedpoeth’s own ‘super activist’. It appears we may have some sort of cross-border unstable-racist exchange programme going on here though, given the increasingly frequent trips to the capital of North Wales of Liverpool BNP’s Pete Tierney, to bawl obscenities down a microphone, to a background of what appears to be electro-influenced patriotic pan pipe music, much to the bafflement of us simple Wrexham folk. Curious.


Hat tip to Liverpool Antifascists. You can read the full story here.


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BNP activist admits explosives charge


David Lucas, pictured above, is a BNP activist and former BNP candidate for the European elections. Amongst his other claims to fame, Lucas alleges that he has made and provided gallows to African countries with dodgy human rights records.

The execution equipment the Suffolk farmer sold “ranged from single gallows, at about £12,000 each, to ‘Multi-hanging Execution Systems’ mounted on lorry trailers, costing about £100,000”.

He now has something else for the CV, having pleaded guilty to explosives charges:


A leading BNP activist from Suffolk has pleaded guilty to possession of an explosive substance without an explosives licence.

David Lucas, of South Road, Lakenheath, denied two further charges when he appeared before Ipswich Crown Court for a hearing into his case on Friday.

The 49-year-old pleaded not guilty to having an explosive substance under suspicious circumstances and possessing a prohibited weapon.

A fourth charge of possession of ammunition with intent to endanger life was withdrawn by the Crown Prosecution Service during the same hearing.

Lucas is due to stand trial for the two allegations he denies on July 26.

The charges relate to April 23 last year.

The charge of possession of explosives under suspicious circumstances can only be brought by police with the authorisation of the Attorney General.

Lucas is currently on conditional bail. He is required to live and sleep each night at his address in South Road, Lakenheath, or at a caravan at Hockwold, Norfolk.

Lucas must also not make contact with William Hudson or Robert Chipperfield and not take any steps to leave the country.

His passport remains with police.

From Norfolk News


This follows the conviction of BNP member Terrence Gavan in January of this year, after Police discovered 54 home-made bombs – ranging from nail bombs to explosive cigarette packets – and 11 firearms in the home he shared with his mother. Gavan was jailed for eleven years.

Lucas and Gavan are the latest in a long line of BNP members and associates who have been arrested on a variety of terrorism and criminal charges, most notably Robert Cottage, who stockpiled chemical weapons at his home in preparation for ‘civil war’, and David Copeland, the ‘London nail bomber’ who’s short campaign of terror – in which he targeted black, South Asian, and gay Londoners – killed three, including a pregnant woman, and injured a further 129.

All of which somewhat disproves Nick Griffin’s recent claim that “all terrorists are Muslims” and the claims of BNP activists locally that the BNP are a ‘mainstream, democratic and acceptable’ party. Are nooses and nail-bombs the watermark of democracy? Then again, in an interview released only last week, Herr Griffin claimed that people “have the right to hurt people, to maim and blow things up or whatever“, so I’m guessing their answer would be yes.





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Picnic in Dudley


Some Wrexham anti-racists attended Dudley on Saturday for a community celebration in response to the EDL’s next stop on their Grateful Dead style never-ending tour of the towns and cities of modern Britain. It was all very peaceful, if a little dull, and enjoyed good local support. Large numbers of Police, of course.

Seems things were a little different a mile or so out of town, as the EDL undertook their demonstration in the glamorous settings of a car-park. The video above shows EDL supporters attacking their own stewards and over-running Police lines.

Another YouTube video, here, shows much of the same. Note the charming ditty at 03:15 – “If you build your f*cking Mosque we’ll burn it down” to the tune of ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain…’.

The Chief Exec of Dudley Council later made this statement:

“We are extremely disappointed that Dudley was targeted by the EDL and are saddened to witness their public disorder and violence. This was not a peaceful demonstration.

“However, the council and the police recognise that the UAF’s event did pass peacefully, as intended.”

Anyway, rather than bang on, here are some photos taken on the day by Stillshooter:


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More dirt on SOTS


Reproduced below is a piece concerning ex-BNP man Bill Murray’s Wrexham-based cash cow charitable enterprise Soldiers Off The Streets (SOTS).

The article is from the website ‘Nothing British’ (as in ‘there is Nothing British about the BNP’) which has, to give credit where it is due, pursued and exposed Murray and SOTS with surprising energy and determination.

However, ‘Nothing British’ is also closely linked to the Tories – the party that ran their 1964 General Election campaign for Birmingham Smethwick under the catchy slogan ‘if you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour’, not to mention Thatcher’s charming quote and plenty else besides – so I won’t link to them. I will instead link to the re-blogged article that appeared on Lancaster Unity. Right here. The original links have been left in the article if you really want a cheeky peek.


SOTS and the BNP need to be more transparent about their links


Bill Murray, director of the Soldiers off the Street, claims that his veterans organisation has “no connection” with the British National Party. He claims it is misleading to suggest he has substantial links with the extremist party. In a recent email to Garry Bushell, the well-known TV journalist and who recently suspended his patronage with SOTS, Murray wrote:

“We have NO conection with the BNP. I was a member and resigned there is a hate campaign going on with Tim Montgomerie, James Bethell and Maurice Cousins with their site Nothing British ”Specifically, Murray claims he left the BNP in August 2009. But strong links between Murray and the BNP remain well established. For example, in November 2009 Nick Griffin said it was “politically beneficial” to be linked with SOTS. He told Scottish media:

“It’s politically beneficial for us to be seen with these organisations. We are also involved in other veteran organisations such as Help for Heroes and Soldiers off the Street. It definitely doesn’t hurt the party to be connected to these groups.”On the Soldiers off the Street’s links page, there is posted the crest and a link to a company called Easy Security Services Ltd (company number 06706626). ESS is a security firm which, according to its Companies House records, has Daniel McDonald listed as one of its directors. McDonald is also a BNP PPC for Horsham.

According to the BNP supporting blog TITVS ADVXAS, in August 2009 Roger Phillips, deputy West Wales BNP organiser, sent a message out to party supporters saying:

“… a new charity has launched in the UK that we support and if any of you can offer any kind of help or assistance could you please contact them on the link below. An article can be found here on The Green Arrow website and the Soldiers off the Street website.”And Murray’s Facebook “friends” (all screen grabs were taken on 25th March 2010)?


Bob Bailey – leader of Barking BNP, councillor and Romford PPC.


Chris Beverley – BNP councillor, PPC for Morley and Outwood and Chief of Staff to Andrew Brons MEP.


Clive Jefferson – BNP PPC for Copeland and Campaign Co-ordinator to Nick Griffin MEP. Jefferson is also listed as being on the EU pay roll.


Mark Collett – Head of publicity and BNP PPC for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough.


Peter Mullins – BNP Defence spokesman.


Is it not time SOTS was more transparent about its links and associations with the BNP?

For more information on Soldiers off the Street please read our briefing by clicking here.


NB – if you actually look at Murray’s mates on Facebook, you’ll see far more than just the above. Not only prominent BNP members but also some fairly senior cadre of the EDL – an organisation that has also been keen to promote SOTS. Not that the BNP and the EDL are in any way related. In the words of Churchill, ‘oh no no no’. 





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People like who?

People like you, apparently. 


BNP community councillor for Abenbury, Wrexham, Mel Roberts, looking like Private Pile 40 years on and presumably on his way to a fun-filled day hunting squirrels, and former North Wales full-timer and butler to the Addams Family, Bill Murray, now in charge of the, errr, charitable enterprise Soldiers Off The Streets, based in Wrexham.


From a legal view point, I don’t think we’re allowed to say Soldiers Off The Streets is a scam. So we shall just say that there is no evidence whatsoever that SOTS has actually, you know, helped anybody. Neither is it a registered charity with the charity commission. Oh, and the only people who seem to promote SOTS appear to be supporters of various far-right outfits.


Nothing to see here, move along now.






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Built by migrants not druids



Henry Bruce's plundering of Nigeria earned him commemoration in Cardiff. Yet we deny his and others' legacy in our attitudes to modern immigration


Reproduced below is an excellent piece originally published on Waleshome.org, written by Tom Fowler of No Borders South Wales, an organisation that campaigns for free movement for all.

MIGRATION is one of the most contentious issues of modern times. Add the “im-” prefix and it’s practically a swear word in some circles. If public debate around the issue is ever given any lip service, it generally has a whiff of racism, or more increasingly the stench of fascism about it.

The right-wing gutter press have managed to file ‘bogus asylum seekers’ and ‘illegal immigrants’ into the same category as child killers and sex offenders. There is so much that can be said to counter tabloid lies on immigration that it would be easy to fill a whole article with facts refuting them. But that may not be necessary when a simple sketch of a rarely-articulated history of Wales serves so much better to undercut the dominant right-wing discourse on migration.

Opponents of immigration often fix upon the notion of an indigenous culture that requires defending from outside influence, a ‘way of life’ that is under attack from foreigners. The ’shared identity’ of the nation-state is appealed to, promoting the idea that the interests of all indigenous people are separate to those of ‘foreigners’.

This imagined community of a country is a construct. Even in a small nation like Wales most people never know, meet, or even hear of most of their fellow countrymen. Any concept of national identity is not innate and unchanging, but fragile, contested, and constructed over time. The hegemonic concept of national identity serves as a means of social control to dissuade the working people of one country from making natural alliances with the global multitude.

British imperialism led to the colonisation of over 57 countries (mostly in the 16th and 17th centuries), and the economic opportunities offered by the sprawl of empire meant that many ambitious Welshmen were able to make fortunes as slavers and plantation owners. By the late 18th Century this wealth began to be brought back to Wales, and financed the foundations of the industrial growth that was to follow. From the ironworks at Cyfarthfa in Merthyr Tydfil to the harbour of Port Penrhyn at Bangor, industrial infrastructure was built on the profits of imperial conquest and slavery.

The industrial revolution affected the culture of Wales to such a point that we can almost consider anything before it as mere preamble. For the vast majority of its history the population of Wales never rose above half a million. It was only with the onset of industrialisation and the mass migration of workers to fuel the new industries that our population rose.

The size and scale of this population explosion cannot be underestimated. The figures tell their own story: by the time of the economic crisis of 1921 the population had grown by over two million. This movement into Wales was out of step with the rest of Europe. Between 1846 and 1914, 43 million people left for the United States, every European nation was seeing an outward flow of workers to the new world. Every nation except Wales. In the decade before the First World War, the rate of immigration into Wales was second only to that of the USA.

Although much of this inward migration was from other parts of Britain and from Ireland, many came from much further afield. It was not until 1905, under the weight of xenophobic agitation against Eastern-European Jews, that the UK passed the first “Aliens Act”, which enshrined the ability of the state to reject the pleas of people fleeing persecution or seeking a better life. The entire current migration-management system, with its web of detention centres, checkpoints and army of agents, can be traced back to this one piece of anti-Semitic legislation.

Without the mass migration that resulted from industrialisation, and fuelled by the wealth of imperialism, Wales as we currently understand and experience it simply would not exist. Any recognisably separate identity to that of England would have disappeared into the footnotes of history. Over a period of four generations, from the late 18th to the early 20th Century, these immigrants were thoroughly absorbed, creating a melting pot that gave birth to a unique culture. A culture which defines “Welshness” far more keenly than any bardic ceremony.

The movement of people generally follows the movement of wealth. It is no surprise that while the British ruling class conquered and exploited much of the world, people living in these impoverished and plundered areas followed the wealth to the UK. In the same way that the straight lines that divide so much of the world were drawn by Western statesmen as arbitrary divisions of colonial “possessions”, the infrastructure of border control acts as a clumsy attempt to avoid the payback of imperialist conquest.

The failure to give any realistic form of reparation to former colonies has created vast numbers of dispossessed people. Modern travel now means that these people are able to move to the former imperial states and work to send money home. This migrant work has become the bedrock of many economies where the “brightest and best” are encouraged to work overseas to simulate the domestic situation. People dispossessed by imperialist domination during the age of empire, and more recent neo-colonialism, fully deserve the opportunity to enjoy a share of the wealth that was taken from them.

We in the Welsh working class need to recognise migrant workers for what they are: fellow exploited people, shaped and buffeted by the same forces that created our own unequal economic position. Migrants are not a separate social group, they are labour on the move. As such they are fellow-competitors for the crumbs from the rich man’s table, and also potential allies in the struggle for an equal society.






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BNP Wales organiser nicked?

The BNP’s Welsh organiser, the charming Roger Phillips, has been arrested, according to Welsh Ramblings.

It isn’t too long ago that the BNP had two Welsh organisers, but then Bill Murray left for the *cough* highly dubious charitable enterprise Soldiers Off The Streets, which operates out of a Wrexham property owned by the mother of BNP parish councillor Ennys Hughes.

Would be a terrible shame if they were to lose Roger too.





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